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The use of silicon aluminum calcium composite deoxidizer (silicon slag)

Date: 2022-07-19

What is the Silicon aluminum calcium composite deoxidizer?

Silicon-aluminum-calcium is a new type of compound deoxidizer auxiliary material. It uses the active properties of metallic silicon, aluminum and calcium. After being added to the ladle, the silicon-aluminum-calcium has a good effect of deoxidizing and purifying steel. The silicon-aluminum-calcium deoxidizer is an aluminum-based high-efficiency deoxidizer developed and produced by steel mills that do not increase silicon or nitrogen.


Application and advantages of silicon aluminum calcium composite deoxidizer:

1. High alloy yield, adsorb inclusions and purify molten steel. Because the composite deoxidizer has high deoxidation efficiency and reduces alloy material powder, it not only has excellent deoxidation and desulfurization functions, but also can spheroidize the oxide inclusions and stably adsorb in the slag, achieving the metallurgical purpose of purifying molten steel.

2. High deoxidation efficiency and fast speed. The compound deoxidizer is added to molten steel in a certain proportion to quickly form active and stable white slag. It does not need to add other deoxidizing alloys (such as silicon aluminum iron, silicon calcium barium or silicon aluminum barium, etc.) to achieve the final deoxidation requirements.

3. It is applicable to a wide range of steel grades, less dosage, and low slag viscosity, which is convenient for slag dumping. The compound deoxidizer is not only suitable for unrefined normal carbon steel, but also suitable for refined low alloy steel, medium and high carbon steel and special alloy steel. At the same time, it can shorten the refining time and improve the hit rate and recovery rate of the alloy. The dosage is generally 1.0-1.5㎏/ton steel, the slag produced is thin, does not stick to the wall, and is convenient for slag dumping.

4. The composite deoxidizer has low price, convenient transportation, no moisture absorption, no powdering, safe use, and no hidden danger of inventory. Usage and ingredients.

Common particle size of silicon-aluminum-calcium composite deoxidizer:2-20mm/customizable

Our company can adjust the content and particle size according to user needs.In the actual use process, the products can be made into silicon-aluminum-calcium particles, silicon-aluminum-calcium powder, etc. according to the production environment of the steel plant to reduce pollution, facilitate smelting and absorption, and improve the operating environment.