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China's domestic silicon metal market.

Date: 2022-07-25
Silicon metal: trading volume shrinks, silicon price may stabilize

(1) Spot: On July 21, the reference price of silicon metal was 17,924 yuan/ton, which was the same as the previous statistical day. At present, delivery orders are mainly used, and the quotations are less, and the rebound has been weak.

(2) Supply: The current supply is sufficient, and the southwest region has entered a period of high water supply, and the supply is expected to continue to increase. Affected by the high temperature weather, some of the furnaces in Sichuan have not been restored, but many places have ushered in heavy rainfall, and production is expected to resume in the near future.

(3) Demand: Due to the high prosperity of polysilicon, the industry has been overloaded with production, and some manufacturers have overhauled this month. It is expected that there will be no increase in demand for metal silicon in the short term; the supply and demand pattern of organic silicon has not improved significantly, and the inventory pressure is still there , the downstream stocking is not active; the demand for aluminum alloys has not increased significantly, and the price is relatively low, mainly based on just-needed procurement.

(4) Inventory: The industry inventory decreased slightly and was at a high position. Specifically, the current main reason is that factory inventories have declined, Kunming Port and Tianjin Port have accumulated a little inventory, and Huangpu Port has remained stable.