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Silicon Metal Quotes

Date: 2022-08-01
Market overview: The overall price of China's silicon metal market fell this week. As of July 28, the average reference price of China's silicon metal market was 17,730 yuan/ton, down 194 yuan/ton or 1.1% from July 21. Enterprises in Xinjiang have started stable operations this week, and their output has been stable. The price of silicon metal market dropped this week, mainly due to the strong wait-and-see sentiment in the downstream market, less purchases, and suppressed prices. Due to the lack of electricity in Sichuan, some areas have experienced power cuts one after another. In the past two days, the Jinkouhe district of Leshan has even been cut off for 48 hours, and the furnace has been kept warm. There are also irregular power cuts in Chongqing.
Supply: China's overall output of silicon metal in July 2022 was 287,700 tons, an increase of 6.58% year-on-year and a month-on-month increase of 12,600 tons
Demand side: At present, the downstream polysilicon industry has stable operation and stable demand. The market price of organic silicon dropped this week, but with the recovery of the previous maintenance equipment, the demand for metal silicon may increase; the price of aluminum alloy is ups and downs, at a relatively low level, the operating rate is low, and there is less demand for metal silicon .
Cost: The cost of metal silicon is stable this week. Summer is at the peak of electricity consumption, superimposed by high temperature power cuts in some areas, the electricity price has an upward risk, and it is expected that the production cost of metal silicon may increase in the later period.
Profits: Generally speaking, the overall profit of silicon metal decreased slightly this week, mainly due to the decline in the overall price of the silicon metal market. expected short
During the period, the market price of silicon metal was super stable, and the profit was stable.
In terms of inventory: the recent market turnover has shrunk, and the inventory of Tianjin Port, Kunming Port, and Huangpu Port has all increased.
On the whole, the current silicon metal market has a strong wait-and-see attitude, and it is expected that the market price will stabilize in the later period.