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Metallurgical Field

The main reason why organosilicon materials have become the largest subdivision of industrial silicon is that they have excellent comprehensive properties and are widely used in many application fields. At the same time, their special molecular structure also gives them a wide range of designability, which can be continuously developed. Produce high-performance products to meet the different individual needs of various industries. Silicone materials can not only be used as a basic material in a large number of industrial applications, but also can modify other materials to improve or improve the process performance and performance of traditional materials. ,
At present, the application scope of silicone materials has gradually expanded from the initial national defense industry to various fields of the national economy such as construction, electric power, electronic appliances, automobiles, textiles, and personal care. At the same time, organosilicon materials are increasingly supporting strategic emerging industries such as aerospace, new materials, new energy, biomedicine, electronic information, and sustainable traditional industries, becoming an indispensable high-performance product for modern industry and daily life. Material.
Silicone can be further processed into four categories of deep-processing products, including silicone oil, silicone rubber, silicone resin, and silane coupling agent.